Artist's Statement

My paintings consist of interior and exterior environments. I create subtle special distortion in the environments by manipulating perspective. The space is further emphasized, divided and filled with direct lighting and dramatic shadows. An element of humanity is sometimes added to the environment by including a figure.

I strive for a surreal condition in my work by combining aspects of the common place with my own personal perception of them. My imagery derives from observations I make from my surroundings. The experience and perception I gain from them is important. I usually paint interiors because they shape and limit the space into a defined environment.

My major influences are Edward Hopper and Giorgio De Chirico. Much of the effects of their paintings are derived from the use of light. The lighting effects I create are a combination of Hopper’s sensitivity to light and De Chirico’s harsh, looming shadows. The use of ordinary scenes drawn from observations around me is another influence of Hopper. I am also influenced by De Chirico’s use of perspective. He used it as an expressive, rather than merely descriptive device, to express effects of mystery, loneliness and fear. I use it similarly to create mysterious surreal effects in my own work.

This can be seen in my painting titled “Slagle Hall”. From my perception of a corridor I created a painting filled with mystery that the viewer can explore. The environmental space is shaped with perspective and filled with light and shadow to create this effect.

I compose my work formally. Elements of line, form, color, and space are used to create a balanced unified whole. Working formally with fairly realistic presentation of my imagery enables me to create the mysterious, surreal quality I desire.

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